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Bienvenido a P224Q

Panted Hand Prints

Ms. Jamie Allen

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¡Empoderamos a los estudiantes para que se den cuenta de su potencial!

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La comunidad de P.224Q desarrolla y refina continuamente sus prácticas educativas apoyando sus creencias de que los estudiantes aprenden mejor cuando: · Se les enseña a través de lecciones bien planificadas, focalizadas y diferenciadas diseñadas para brindar a todos los estudiantes acceso al plan de estudios y acelerar su aprendizaje. se les presentan actividades de aprendizaje relacionadas con una lección que desafían su pensamiento y brindan múltiples oportunidades para la aplicación del material enseñado · Cuando se les brinda retroalimentación significativa inmediata y oportunidades para autoevaluarse · Cuando se les enseña en un entorno donde se sienten seguros para aprender y tomar riesgos para desarrollar su comprensión

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Meet Our Administrative Team 

Ms. Stacy Podolsky 
Assistant Principal


Letters from Principal Jamie 

Dear P.224Q Community,

Every year, we ask all families, teachers, and staff in grades 3-K through 12, and students in grades 6-12 to take the NYC School Survey. The survey gives school leaders a better understanding of what members of their school community think about their school. The information collected by the survey is designed to support a dialogue among all members of the school community about how to make the school a better place to learn.

The 2023 NYC School Survey launched on February 13, 2023, and will close on March 31, 2023.

We look forward to getting your feedback to help continue to make our school and partnership grow.  


If you have any suggestions or ideas for our school please join us at our monthly FEAT (Family Engagement Action Team) meetings we are always looking for new ideas!! 


Below is the link for you to complete the survey: 



Jamie, Danielle, Stacy, John, Mary 

QR code for extra help for students
After school family program flyer contact school for information
Picture of students feet , sitting on a bench

Important Dates to remember! 

P224 Calendar call school for dates
Image by Glen Carrie

After a school-wide vote, we are now the P224Q Owl's! 

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P224Q OWL Logo

Please click the image below to access NYCSA or use your phone camera to scan the QR Code 

Link to NYCSA for parents to set up student account.
Link to NYCSA for parents to set up student account
NYCSA Hub Guide for parents link

Please click the picture below for 
Chancellor’s Regulations A-831 and A-832 for Staff, Students, and Parents.

Logo for Respect For All faces with diferent shades of color
Student being COVID TESTED with the help of our school dog.
Students being COVID tested

COVID Testing with a little 

help from our friend Delight! 


Dogs Paw

P224 Student Council 

Student Council

P224 Citizens of The Month

Students of the month

Thank you to all the P224Q Families and staff for making our Homecoming event such a huge success! 

Thank you all for a successful 
"Principals FundRaiser" ! 

Adminsistrators posing for a picture at a fundraiser event
Principal and Staff posing at fundraiser event
Principal and staff at fundraiser event

Important Message 



  • Students are expected to attend school every day.  

  • 95% attendance is recommended by the P. 224Q Attendance Committee. Good attendance has a high correlation to student success.  

  • Parents are expected to call the school when a student is absent to inform us of the reason. If we do not hear from you, the school will contact your home. 

  • A written note must accompany the child upon his or her return to school, as required by education law.  A doctor’s note can excuse a student from an unauthorized absence.                                         


  • An attendance teacher will be notified if a student is absent for three or more days and we are unable to contact the parent. In addition, after three days you will need to contact the bus company to reinstate pick up. 

  • If a student is going out of town for an extended period you are required to put in writing where the student is going, for how long they will be away and leave a phone number where contact can be made even if it is out of the country.  

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